Is London rich in fracking oil?

Is London rich in fracking oil?

Word on the street is that London is rich in fracking oil?

When people talk about fracking the debate is generally about rural areas away from major cities. Increasingly people are looking at more urban areas in order to ascertain whether or not it is possible to do fracking in other areas. One potential area for this is London and there is some discussion as to whether or not there is a lot of resources that could be potentially extracted from the capital. So….Is London rich in fracking oil?

The reason this is being asked is because a company (London Local Energy) recently applied for licenses to frack in the capital. One area that has been mooted for this is Park Royal Industrial Estate near Willesden.

The company is run by Nick Grealy who believes that the process has received a bad press unfairly “The public debate has been uninformed…The more we look at it the more it is possible…We’re not going to be the next Saudi Arabia but we think we can produce significant amounts of oil and gas from 2018 onwards.”

A common objection to fracking is the noise the process generates. However Mr Grealy argues that this is not likely to be a problem in London where noise and heavy traffic are commonplace and therefore would cause minimal disruption.

Is London rich in fracking oil?; Short Summary

Whether or not London is rich in this resource is up for debate. What is certain is that any amount more would be more than we currently have for the simple fact that it hasn’t been extracted yet!

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  1. I heard london could gain nearly 100 billion from fracking – thats an insane amount of money, but lets think of the risk of doing so in a mega-city such as london.

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